Per Mertesacker is all of us as Arsenal coach looks distracted by his phone during drab first-half against Burnley December 13, 2020 – Posted in: Soccer

Don’t worry, Per Mertesacker. We all feel exactly the same watching this game.

Arsenal’s former defender and current academy coach appeared more interested in his phone during a dull first-half against Burnley.

Sky Sports

Was Mertesacker playing a game on his phone?

The big German was one of the lucky few allowed inside the Emirates to watch Mikel Arteta’s men, or so he might’ve thought.

An eerily quiet Gunners crowd of 2,000 watched as their club struggled to create against the typically stubborn visitors.

Arsenal have managed just ten goals in their 12 Premier League games so far this season – and fans have become used to drab displays in front of goal.

It really wasn’t the most entertaining first-half


It really wasn’t the most entertaining first-half

So who can blame Mertesacker if he was indeed playing a game on his phone instead of watching the match? It certainly looked that way as the Sky cameras panned to him in the 43rd minute.

We just want to know what he was playing, Angry Birds perhaps? Whatever it was, we bet it was more entertaining than the action unfolding in front of him.

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