‘Gareth Southgate will never, ever get a top six job’ June 13, 2022 – Posted in: Soccer

Simon Jordan insists that Gareth Southgate will ‘never, ever’ get a jb with a top six Premier League club.

The former Crystal Palace owner and Danny Murphy went head-to-head on talkSPORT on Monday over claims made by the ex-Liverpool star.


Southgate has led England to a World Cup semi-final and a Euros final

Murphy insisted he would have chosen England boss Southgate over Erik ten Hag for the Manchester United job, when posed the question over who he would pick.

He doubled down on that assertion and maintained that Southgate, and assistant Steve Holland, would do a great job at a big club.

Murphy stuck by his opinion, but was taken to task by Jordan, who is not short of an opinion or two himself.

The former Liverpool and England midfielder said: “I stand by it. I think there’s something lacking at United that needs to be addressed before you even start talking about how they play on the pitch.”

Jordan replied: “What Danny is seeking to do is add nuance to a conversation. The answer to the question should have been neither.

Ten Hag was the man appointed by United to turn things around


Ten Hag was the man appointed by United to turn things around

“Danny has gone further than that. He’s reversed into a situation where he was given two choices and then went on to say he would do great at a big club.

“That’s not about one choice. That’s about doing a great job at a big club. There’s a multitude of big clubs that they can do a great job at.

“There’s no parallel universe today, tomorrow, whether he’s your mate or not and Steve Holland gives you information or whatever else.

“You can’t sit there and make a case for Gareth Southgate and Steve Holland to be good enough to run a big six clubs. 

“You can’t make that case, Danny. You can make it if you want to, if you want to get into the territory of being cronyistic in your thinking.

“If you are really being honest about it, he’s done a decent job with England because he’s had more luck than anyone.

Murphy is a big fan of Southgate and thinks he could do a good job at a big club


Murphy is a big fan of Southgate and thinks he could do a good job at a big club

“You are probably going to say luck is a commodity. Luck is great, but if it’s your only commodity then it is going to run out in the end.

“They’ve got a big boys draw after the games in Qatar in the group stages. This is when we are seeing England having to perform.

“If the two choices for Manchester United were Ten Hag and Southgate, and they are the only two choices, then give me a bleeding bigger list. I would be disappointed if they are the only two to choose from.”

Murphy: “You are always talking about being definitive with an answer and not sitting on the fence. I decided to give an answer and I stuck by it.

Jordan: “It’s a poor answer. You are seeking to qualify it by saying I only gave an answer based on two choices. 

“Man United would have had more than two choices.”

When asked if he can see Southgate managing a top six club, Jordan replied: “No.”

Jordan took Murphy to task over his comments about Southgate

The Sun

Jordan took Murphy to task over his comments about Southgate

Murphy responded: “When you say there is no argument… there is an argument based on the job he’s done with England.

“There have been many qualities he has shown during that tenure. He’s dealt with a lot of problems.

Jordan: “Hold on. There’s two things – the football manager and the public personality that talks common sense in the mainstream media about how to perceive his players and how people should react to certain circumstances and how players should behave off the pitch and so on and so forth. 

“I think he’s been very diplomatic in that, but when I look at his body of work on the pitch and there’s no argument that getting to the semi-final and final of a tournament needs to be applauded.

“But when you say ‘give me that X-factor that shows you can win these tournaments’, he hasn’t got it.

“He doesn’t have an alternative or have the ability to make decisions in a game to change things.

“He manages how he plays. He went on to carve out a very decent career at Crystal Palace and Aston Villa and played for England.

“He wasn’t one of those stellar players, but was a safe pair of hands. A safe pair of hands doesn’t win you tournaments.

“I look at and say, you take Mancini out of Italy and you could see him at a top six club.

“Never, ever will Gareth Southgate get a top six manager’s job in this country. Never.”

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